Photography Class with David Coleman, at Pescadero Beach, California

Rrrrrrrrrring. 5:15 am. Yawn. I open my eyes. I can not see anything. Oh God. Oh, right. It’s still dark. I go to the bathroom and turn on the light. Still, can’t see nothing. Eyes are swollen. Uh-oh. But bravely I throw myself into the shower – after all, I want to be at the beach at sunrise. I got Continue reading “Photography Class with David Coleman, at Pescadero Beach, California”

Joshua Tree National Park – Vacation in the desert

Boom! Hot! Perspiration! On December 29th! Yes, well, we’re in the desert, that’s right – you might expect some warmth … But last year we were in Death Valley. Also a desert. And it was pretty cold there and we had to freeze. So we were wiser this time and packed all fleece sweaters, scarves and hoods.

And now I’m in the desert Continue reading “Joshua Tree National Park – Vacation in the desert”

Yosemite National Park – Tioga Road – Ghost Town Bodie

Who loves nature HAS to visit Yosemite National Park. So Conni *) and I check out the road conditions and then check into Carsten **).

  *) Mother
**) Car

In Yosemite everbody can find his favourite place to be – no matter of being a  climber, a hiker, a stroller or a “car-hiker”. We decide for the last two opportunities and want to cruise the Tioga-Pass-Road. On this road you cross the entire park and get a great, no, GREAT impression of this huge natural scenery. Continue reading “Yosemite National Park – Tioga Road – Ghost Town Bodie”

A fortnight in California – the most beautiful places

I am sitting here, writing and big elephant tear drops are running over my cheeks and dripping on my laptops keyboard. I am pretty happy not to be seven years old anymore and forced to write with a fountain pen – by then when I had to cry over my work, the ink would smudge and I had to write everything again (as if it were not bad enough to cry).

But why am I crying today?

I had to bring my Conni to the airport.

(If you don’t speak Kiki-tongue:  Continue reading “A fortnight in California – the most beautiful places”

High Peaks Trail at Pinnacles National Park + 2 1/2 snakes

The trail starts at Old Pinnacles Trailhead Parking which is located close to the east entrance of Pinnacles National Park – Carsten gets the last parking space, at 10:15 am! If you wanna be independent and rather drive your car than  go by shuttlebus from the visitor center – don’t come too late!

Matthias and me fill our backpacks with water – it should get warm today. Around his head buzz a dozen flies like a halo…so we move forward. Continue reading “High Peaks Trail at Pinnacles National Park + 2 1/2 snakes”

Elephant Seals – Año Nuevo State Park

The elephant seals spend most of the year at sea but, always come to the coast at this time of the year to give birth to the small elephant-seal-babys and to conceive new ones. There are currently hanging around 440 elephant-seal-bulls together with 1446 elephant-seal-cows and their 642 elephant-seal-babys and 16 elephant-seal-teenager at Año Nuevo State Park. Continue reading “Elephant Seals – Año Nuevo State Park”

Tide Pool Watching at Half Moon Bay

We are tired…yes we are…maybe because we were driving nine hundred kilometers yesterday and had a lack of sleep ’cause of the last days in Vegas have left marks. Especially under my eyes…

But we don’t have time to relax as today is the best day for tide pool watching (has something to do with the moon and the tide – so check it out online before you go…)!

Continue reading “Tide Pool Watching at Half Moon Bay”