Excitement in Sunnyvale

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh….?” I moan as an answer. But what was question? I’ve not the slightest idea. It is dark. Probably night. Where am I? Who am I? Beeing drowsy I keep trying to find the answers to my questions. “Wha…”

“Shush!” whispers Matthias and I can feel his hand on my mouth, forcing me to be quiet. Starteled I find my way back from my dreams in our bedroom.


“Shuuuuuush!!!!!” He increases the pressure of his hand on my mouth. “I believe there is someone in our apartment!” he whispers.

Someone is in our aparment!

“Why?” I whisper back.

“How should I know?!”

“No, I mean, why do you suspect someone is in our apartment?”

“Because I heard someone sneaking around! We must check the living room! But be silent!” He grabs a tee cup, beeing on his nightstand. Want to say the tee cup is on the nightstand. Not Matthias. And to be honest: it’s not even a nightstand. We don’t have one. We own Amazon boxes which we use as a nightstand…Anyway, I try to find out what I could use as a weapon and detect a water glass.

Armed like that we carefully get up and tiptoe towards the door.

My heart beats nervously. I can feel and hear every beat loud and clear. Yep. Here I am. Right at the door. In my hand the water glass. Ready to first, pour the water in our invaders face and second, smash the glass in the same while trying not to forget to breath – ’cause out of fear my lungs stopped working. I have a dry mouth as my salivary glands stopped producing any further liquids. My pupils are dilated and have a plate’s size now, therefore I’ve got the feeling my eyeballs will be catapulted out of my orbits.

Now Matthias raises his arm with the tee cup and gives me a nod. I nod back and – open the door!

Tee cup and water glass: at night they are dangerous weapons…

Like a SWAT team we bounce into the living room. Our backs always flat on the wall. Matthias turns on the light.

“Living room: clear!” he whispers and points towards the bathroom door in my back.

I nod. I jump, open the door und turn on the light. I am so excited and my heart beats so strongly that I am afraid it could be too much stress for my little heart. But bravely I enter the bathroom.

The bathroom is empty. No invader.

“Bathroom: clear!” I breathe out.

Then we hear a sound – and turn around.

But no one’s here! It sounds like somebody would be inside, but there’s nobody! We guess it must be a squirrel under the roof. looking for a dry place as it is pouring outside.

Back in bed we are relieved. But my heart needs a few more minutes to reduce the cardiac minute output. Exhausted I fall asleep.

I’m not sure if I slept a few minutes or a few hours, but Matthias stands beside the bed, pointing at the door.

“Get up, I hear voices in the living room!”

Indeed, I can hear them as well! I grab the knive I placed (for just in case) next to my bed.

Then we stand next to the door like before. Then everything goes really fast! The door is opened and a man jumps in. He pushes me out of his way. I scream and swing my knive, but am clammed to ram it into human flesh. The man realises that I have a knive and comes up to me. Him or me? I reckon desperately and hold my knive strongly. Him or me! My heart races as fast as the man. Him or me! I raise my hand – and wake up! I’m in my bed! Matthias sleeping. It was a dream, I try to calm down. A dream...! My heart doesn’t believe me. But after a few minutes it is too exhausted to let this racing be continued – and calms itselfs down.

I’m exhausted too and so I fall in a deep and dreamless (!) sleep…


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