A carousel of thoughts – if you wanna think straight, don’t run in circles

A carousel of thoughts? I’m not sure if non-German speakers understand what I mean by this? In German, we use this expression to describe the repetition of the same questions over and over again without coming to a conclusion. Your thoughts go round and round just like if they were in a carousel.  A carousel of thoughts.

I wake up. I know, it’s in the middle of the night. Uff. I shouldn’t open my eyes, because I know it is there. And if I see it, then/

Boom! There it is. Just in my bedroom. It’s beautiful, it’s colorful, and there are cute unicorns that you can ride up and down on. Oh, it’s so tempting to ride on the carousel of thoughts.
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An Easter Story

Wednesday afternoon after Easter. Dusseldorf Airport: sitting in the airplane. Waiting, together with a pilot, a crew and the remaining 149 passengers for clearance to take off. Being sad. After one week of hotel mama, I go back home to Vienna. So I’m sitting here, being sad.
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Tidy! Thanks to E-Werkstatt.com!

“Clean your room, clean up your mess!” – Who does not know this sentence? Now and then every child was banned in it’s room to tidy up the chaos. So was I.

When I was send to tidy up I stood in my ruined room, looking at the mess and not knowing where to start. First i sighed. Then I decided to put my drawer’s content on the floor, next to the rest of my lack of discipline. Continue reading “Tidy! Thanks to E-Werkstatt.com!”

Excitement in Sunnyvale

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh….?” I moan as an answer. But what was question? I’ve not the slightest idea. It is dark. Probably night. Where am I? Who am I? Beeing drowsy I keep trying to find the answers to my questions. “Wha…”

“Shush!” whispers Matthias and I can feel his hand on my mouth, forcing me to be quiet. Starteled I find my way back from my dreams in our bedroom.


“Shuuuuuush!!!!!” He increases the pressure of his hand on my mouth. “I believe there is someone in our apartment!” he whispers.

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