Tidy! Thanks to E-Werkstatt.com!

“Clean your room, clean up your mess!” – Who does not know this sentence? Now and then every child was banned in it’s room to tidy up the chaos. So was I.

When I was send to tidy up I stood in my ruined room, looking at the mess and not knowing where to start. First i sighed. Then I decided to put my drawer’s content on the floor, next to the rest of my lack of discipline. To get tidyness you need well organized drawers! Then all crayons were tipped and all pens tested for function before they could be sorted in color. But beforehand I had to find the arrangement for my drawers. The circle must live together with the eraser, the ruler and the pencil and for sure not with the horse magazines! That’s as clear as  mud, isn’t it?!

Creativity meets chaos. Both compose a new structure.

After a few hours my mother came by to have a look how far I’d got. Well, the chaos was exponentiated…because Kiki decided to clean the cabinets and cupboards and wardrobes as well and so EVERYTHING now was lying on the floor…

After days and days of cleaning my room – it looked like before: as a bomb striked… But if you had looked IN my drawers and cabinets, you would have seen a fantastic order…

Welcome back to Kikis-Blog! Just snoop around 🙂

And now, the grown up Kiki just wanted to add a new category recipes to her blog. And after a full week of working – this category is still empty…But I emptied all of my drawers and everything is new designed now…;-)

At this point I want to thank Heinz Duschanek! I attended a wordpress class in his company E-Werkstatt.com and I was and still am thrilled! I was a mere nobody with computers – but after a few hours with Heinz I was able to create my own webpage! If you need someone for WordPress, Online/Sozial Media/SEO/Inbound Marketing: E-Werkstatt is the best place!

Thank you very much E-Werkstatt.com! Thank you very much Heinz Duschanek! without you this page would just be white…

On Kikis Blog there are not only new categories, but everything is available in English now too! As you can surely imagine, it is an incredible job to translate all articles and assign them to my new categories … so please be aware that you may find some categories that are not filled yet and some posts that are not translated yet. In the next weeks I will be hardworking and will soon cheer you up with more posts and my recipes!

I am happy with my new page and shared happiness is double happiness!




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