S A C R A M E N T O. Short Vacation: Sacramento – Rafting – Lake Tahoe. Day 1.

Tomorrow is Matthias’s birthday. Therefore we could … therefore we could do something … something cool…
We could go rafting for example!
We always wanted to do that. And that is really cool – in the truest sense of the word 🙂

Well, and if we are already on the road, we could also add on a little holiday! Why not?

So the last few weeks I did some research, planning and booking – and today, today we are leaving! Yeiii!

Wednesday, 7th of June: from Sunnyvale to Sacramento – about 130 miles

But first of all – packing Carsten the Car: after our last near-death-experience in our ice-cold tent we are better prepared…:

Next to the tent we put four sleeping bags, a blanket and two hot water bottles in the car. Also a few bathing suits – remember, we will be at river and lake. Furthermore we need some underpants and socks and of course shoes. Various T-shirts are packed, all kinds of pulis, yes …
Yes, and then, we just put the remaining wardrobe in the car as well – because the weather forecast for the next days is horrible!

In the Sunshine-State California there is rain and cold announced for the next two days! Maximum daily temperatures 55°F and at night 33°F!!!  Are you kidding me???
But I still hope it feels warmer than reading the numbers…

“I…” Matthias croacs next to me on the passenger seat, “I don’t feel so well…”

I check his forehead. Hot.

“Shit. You have a temperature!” I say.

“And a sore throat…” coughs Matthias.

The medical thermometer confirms the ugly truth: over 100°F.

“Shite…!” we say unisono.

I sigh. Rafting. And this guy is feverish! I sigh once again. Matthias doesn’t know of his luck – it’s a surprise-trip. Only yesterday he go his first little letter in which he could read what he has to pack and that we are heading towards north. And therefore will have a stop over in Sacramento for hanging out in the city and having coffee. And in the coffeehouse he should get another little letter that will tell him where we will be camping and, that we will be on a river at his birthday…

Sacramento: Only 500.000 people but still Californias capital.

Matthias is taking a pill to reduce fever and pain and we arrive Californias Capital: Sacramento.

Slowly, very slowly the weak and I walk through Downtown.

It’s nice here!

Then we stop in our choosen coffee shop. Temple Coffee Roasters. Here one should get good coffee. Well then.

The coffee IS very good, and the cake as well! Banana-Loaf and Pumpkin-Pekan-Muffin – so so good!

“The best muffin I’ve ever had since I’m here!” says Matthias. And I feel the same way!


After Matthias read card number two, we continue driving to our camp in Coloma, on the American River – and Matthias is already curious what we will do on the river.

I decided to do the rafting with American Whitewater Expeditions as they have had really good recommendations – added advantage: you can camp for free the night before your rafting trip.

When we see our camp site we gape: “Oh, oh, oh, nice!!!”


“HERE we build our TENT!” yells Matthias euphoric.


No sooner said than done!


Such a view from your bedroom you could always have…


Then we have a little camp fire and dinner. And our hope becomes true: we enjoy a warm summer evening!


As it darkens we crawl in our “hamster burrow”. Our tent is stuffed with blankets and sleeping bags like the hamster burrow with cotton 🙂 Tonight we won’t be freezing!

Sleep well and recover, dear birthday-hamster!

and tomorrow we will be celebrating. And rafting. Hopefully.


Please note: tolls are charged on the route described! If you drive the 205er you need only a few minutes longer – but pay nothing but your fuel 🙂

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