Water is stronger than stone – then I can overcome my inner couch potato

The journey takes just under twenty-four hours – from Palo Alto (California) to San Gerardo de Rivas (Costa Rica). But everything runs smoothly. Almost everything. When I fly alone I always wish for a fine neighbor. A seatmate who is slim, smells like nothing (and if he smells, then please well), who is quiet and the most important thing: who is perfect to hold each others hands in case of a crash. 

My seatmate is a four year old girl…

The most positive thing about this flight is: we do not crash. Negative: of sleep I just can dream. Well, I can sleep on the bus across Costa Rica …

Sunday afternoon: I am warmly welcomed – I live again in the small blue house with my dear host family!

After the (first) cold shower there’s dinner. How could it be otherwise: rice, beans and vegetables. I feel right at home 🙂

At 8 pm, however, I break down and crawl into my bed. I sleep wonderfully and deeply and all night through – twelve long hours (but below us: I’m still tired.)

After breakfast I do just nothing. All day long. Just chat (which, by the way, works a lot better than last time) and relax.

After another nearly twelve hours of sleep from Monday to Tuesday, I am kind of restored and therefore nothing speaks against a jump into my hiking boots. Yawn. Jump. Yawn. Kiki! Yawn. Come on: JUMP!!!

Okay, okay. Uphill. UPHILL. UPHILLLLLL. Phew! I nearly have forgotten how exhausting that can be. And it’s warm. Way warmer than the last time.

But it is just enjoyable once I arrive the cloudforest of Cloudbridge.

And of course, the wildlife of Costa Rica has me back too…

…but not only cute dogs and cats, but also numerous beetles, spiders, snakes and other crawling and creeping creatures. You can find them just everywhere: on the dinner plate, in the shower, in my suitcase and – most unloved: at night in my pajamas.

My cry to tingle-phobics: do not go to Costa Rica! The biodiversity of insects is impressive!

While hiking, I got a lot of ideas for my book project. After all, I am not here for pleasure. And tomorrow I’ll stick my butt on the plastic chair and write down my thoughts and ideas. Letter by letter. Word by word. Sentence by sentence. Page by page…

But today I wanted to announce briefly that I have arrived well 🙂


PS: Wind, or maybe it was almost a storm, has mowed down a few trees – and thus cut the cables that are responsible for electricity and the Internet. Therefore you only get TODAY a sign of life ?

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