Kiki is giving a cooking class in Stanford

Well, that’s a headline, right? Therefore, it was a little quiet in Kiki’s Blog. Eventually one have to prepare oneself!
And I have not only prepared myself for the cooking classes, but also diligently written applications and learned Spanish – because Kiki is planning to go to Costa Rica in the summer … The next days I will tell you more about it.

The kitchen and I are ready – only the cooks are missing

Everybody who knows Kiki a little better knows that she loves to cook, and preferable vegan. I got healthier with the vegan food and more sick of the question:

“Oh my gosh, what the heck can you eat?”

Well, I will tell you. Today, for example, I had as a starter a decent Broccoli Cream Soup, followed by Kiki’s Veggie Burger and Cole Slaw, and to crown the event I had a delightful American Cheese Cake.

Okay, well, admittedly, this is not my everydays lunch but was part of my first vegan cooking class: American Cuisine.

Six women from all over the world (Russia, New Caledonia, Peru, France, Estonia and Japan) have chopped, stired, fried and baked …


…and we have not only prepared a delicious meal. We also had a lot of fun and it was really exciting to have so many nations sitting at the table! Thanks girls for this fabulous afternoon!

And all those who could not be present today: the recipes for today’s cooking class are available on Kiki’s Blog: Favorite Recipes!

Next Monday we continue: Asian Cuisine! We will start the menu with a fine Summer Roll, enjoy Tofu-Teriyaki as the main course and the sweet finish will be a Chiapudding with Mango Cream …


Why vegan at all?

Two years ago, for health reasons, I needed to change my nourishment if I didn’t want to swallow the tablet for heartburn after every meal. The first few weeks I stayed, because of my bad gastritis, with rice and porridge and read in this time much about vegan diet. As my stomach turned to feel better I started with my first vegan meals. Because vegan food is lighter and better digestible, with proper preparation even healthier and environmentally friendly and animal friendly! But it also should taste and the joy of preparation should not come too short.

Most of the vegans I’ve known in Europe decided to live without meat and dairy products for love of the animal. The reason for all of the vegan Californians I know is environmental protection and sustainability! For the production of 1 steak 4000 liters of water are consumed – in a country like California, fighting against the drought for years, pure madness.

Very quickly I realized that the animal-free food preparation is great fun and not at all as complicated as I had expected. And I was amazed and thrilled how great it tasted! Moreover I noticed after a few weeks that my stomach was getting better and that my energy doubled – suddenly I woke up in the morning fit and well rested even before the alarm clock ringing.
To be fair I should mention that I have not only eaten vegan, but also healthy food – if you dig in cheesecake and fried potato splits each day I am sure you will need some snooze clicks until you find the way to the bathroom … 😉

But you do not have to be a vegan to love my recipes! They are intended for all who want to have a delicious meal!

Enjoy your meal! Yum yum!

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