Photography Class with David Coleman, at Pescadero Beach, California

Rrrrrrrrrring. 5:15 am. Yawn. I open my eyes. I can not see anything. Oh God. Oh, right. It’s still dark. I go to the bathroom and turn on the light. Still, can’t see nothing. Eyes are swollen. Uh-oh. But bravely I throw myself into the shower – after all, I want to be at the beach at sunrise. I got Continue reading “Photography Class with David Coleman, at Pescadero Beach, California”

Joshua Tree National Park – Vacation in the desert

Boom! Hot! Perspiration! On December 29th! Yes, well, we’re in the desert, that’s right – you might expect some warmth … But last year we were in Death Valley. Also a desert. And it was pretty cold there and we had to freeze. So we were wiser this time and packed all fleece sweaters, scarves and hoods.

And now I’m in the desert Continue reading “Joshua Tree National Park – Vacation in the desert”

L(ovely) G(reetings) from L(os) A(ngeles)

Beverly Hills…Santa Monica…Hollywood…Glitter…Glamor…Girls-Girls-Girls…
Girls-Girls-Girls??? I’m torn out of my thoughts.

“There…there is a nightclub. Girls Girls Girls it’s called. I thought teht da geschrieben. I thought something like a red-light-district is something like banned in the US?”

“Hmm, I think it’s okay when they call it a Cabaret Show.” thinks Matthias.

Cabaret-Show? Well, so the girls here have to be funny as well? As it were Stand-up Comedy… Continue reading “L(ovely) G(reetings) from L(os) A(ngeles)”

40 years of Kiki

40 years of Kiki – that sounds like a really, REALLY long time. Whew.  Admittedly, I was not too thrilled to have to leave the thirties. But sometimes you just have bad luck.

Well then, if I have to celebrate my fortieth birthday, then at least decent –  who knows how long I can still do that … to celebrate properly and so. I do not get younger! Continue reading “40 years of Kiki”